April 9, 2015

5 benefits of dirll-less laser dentistry

No Anesthetic Needed aka No Shots

Lasers are gentle light energy that have the ability to seal nerve endings, which give the lasers the ability to anesthetize ahead of themselves. Meaning: shots are not necessary and topical anesthetic (no shots used) can be used in the majority of all laser dental treatments or dental services.

The wait time for numbing to take effect or to wear off from a laser is significantly less. Lasers also allow you to have different areas in your mouth to be treated with a single visit. If you prefer anesthesia you still can choose to be numbed and still receive the benefits of no drill sounds or vibrations, since a laser can be used in their place.

Promote and Stimulate Healing

Since lasers are gentle light energy they are tissue specific. This means minimal collateral trauma; therefore, little or no pain following dental treatment. Lasers are bactericidal, they seal lymphatic structures, nerve endings, and blood vessels; all of which promote and stimulate faster healing following dental treatment. Lasers equate to no bleeding and no pain. Bacteria are a major source of infection and sensitivity, therefore using lasers for dental services will reduce both pain and infections.

Drill-less Dental Treatment

With the laser, the dentist doesn’t need a drill. This means that there is no drilling noise or vibration; just a gentle popping sound instead. The drill has been shown to cause micro-fracturing of the teeth. The dentist doing drill-less dentistry in his dental practice is preventing micro-fracturing of tooth structure. Gentle drill-less laser dentistry creates a stress-free dental spa experience.

Useful for Soft Tissue Dental Treatment as well as Hard Tissue Dental Treatment

Lasers being tissue specific can be adjusted to treat only the specific tissue type. For example the Erbuim Versa Wave laser can be set to gently remove only decay and will not damage any other tooth structure during dental treatment; thus leaving more of the healthy tooth. The laser can be used for soft tissue procedures on the gums, cheeks, tongue and lips. When the laser is being used on these surfaces there is no pain, no bleeding, and faster healing then traditional methods due to the lasers ability to seal blood vessels, nerve endings, and lymphatic structures while stimulating healing.

Ability to Treat Periodontal Disease without Surgery

Lasers can be used gently beneath the gums in those deep pockets to sterilize the pocket, initialize reattachment and stimulate bone growth to help in reduction of pocket depth. This means faster healing with no pain. Today, lasers give dentists and dental hygienists the ability to treat periodontal disease non-surgically within their dental practice.