When Should Your Child Visit the Dentist for the First Time?

happy baby

While you’re basking in the joys of being a new parent, you’ll also be becoming accustomed to your responsibilities towards your child. Obviously, this includes general healthcare, but your baby’s dental care is also highly important. You may be wondering when you should take your bundle of joy in for their first dental visit. The American

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What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

woman admiring smile

Even though permanent teeth are supposed to be…permanent, a tooth may be lost to severe decay, injury, gum disease, or another issue. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your smile. If you lose a tooth, Dr. may recommend a dental restoration like a dental bridge or a dental

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6 Powerful Secrets to Overcome Dental Fear

6 Secrets to Overcoming Dental Fear

The time has come for your dental cleaning and exam, but you’re a little nervous. You are not alone in your worries. You may be surprised to learn that dental fears and anxieties are quite common. Many people, even adults, are nervous about potential discomfort during treatment, a feeling of helplessness, or embarrassment. Some people

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Mouthwash with Alcohol vs. without: Which Really Is Better?

Mouthwash with Alcohol vs. without: Which Really Is Better?

You brush and floss your teeth regularly, but you decide to add a little something extra to your oral hygiene routine. Mouthwash is a common choice, as it’s said to add extra protection to your smile by helping guard against decay, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath. However, deciding between a mouthwash with alcohol and mouthwash without can be a hard

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5 Helpful Things To Make Choosing a Toothpaste Easy

woman shopping for toothpaste

You’ve squeezed the last of the life out of your tube of toothpaste. The dreaded time has come. You have to face the convenience store’s wall of toothpaste! You know what we’re talking about. You go to the store looking for a tube of toothpaste, but there are so many options available that you don’t

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8 Killer Tricks to Keep Things Clean and Organized

Clean and organized

I recently read this article about how a family eliminates clutter from their lives. Every new year they throw out the equivalent to the year’s value in stuff. Yes, 2017 means 2,017 items go bye bye. I feel like I would have nothing left if I did that! But it got me thinking about how

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Secrets for Keeping Your Smile Bright & Beautiful

women smiling and whispering

You finally decided to spoil yourself with a professional teeth whitening treatment. So you understand about the newfound confidence and the inability to stop smiling that naturally happens after you get your teeth whitened. But you also know that quite unfortunately, teeth whitening is not permanent. Touch-ups will be needed from time to time to

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Who Really Has Time For Awful Broken Teeth?

woman multitasking

It seems that the times where we’re in the biggest rush is when the most inopportune things happen. A lot of us have been in the position, or dread, the moment where you’re eating a seemingly innocent soft piece of food and a tooth breaks. You know the situation: You only have a quick lunch break

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The Odd Person You Should Tell About Your Headaches

woman with headache

Constant headaches that never seem to go away are definitely an added distraction making work, family life, and enjoying some alone time, that much harder. A lot of people suffer from this type of headache — the one that seemingly happens without cause, and that no amount of pain medication can cure. If you’re one of those people,

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Best Tip Ever: Avoid Needing Root Canals

woman smiling

Which dental procedure is most associated with discomfort and pain than perhaps any other procedure? A root canal. You probably have friends or family who’ve gotten one, and who said they absolutely loved getting a root canal? Our guess: no one. In spite of knowing people who’ve had one, do you know how that happened? Or what

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