The Questions About Your Dentist, Dental Care, and Oral Health Answered

February 22, 2016

The questions about your dentist, dental care, and oral health answered
When it comes to your dentist, dental care, and oral health, do you have questions you would like the answers to? If so, our Exceptional Dentistry team is here to help you! We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about these topics to give you the information you need... VIEW POST

How To Prevent Dental Problems for Children

February 5, 2016

Do you wish there was a way to help your child maintain a strong and successful oral health? If so, we are thrilled to tell you that there are three ways you can do so! Our team at Exceptional Dentistry cares for your child’s oral health and we want them... VIEW POST

The Use of Lasers in Dentistry

January 25, 2016

Tools of the real stomatologist. Helps with work and protects it from harmful effects. Lasers are handy tools that are used in the best dental offices today. Dentists use this equipment to have more control of the treatment and to help patients feel more comfortable in the dental chair. Many... VIEW POST

The Details of Recovering After Root Canal Treatment

January 12, 2016

The Details of Recovering After Root Canal Treatment
If you have to get a root canal you might be wondering what the recovery will look & feel like for you. Recovery is extremely important, especially after root canal treatment. So, to help you fully recover after you have had your dental pulp or tooth nerve removed, we recommend... VIEW POST

Insights on the Threats Associated with Periodontal Disease

December 27, 2015

Threats of Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease is a technical term denoting an infection and inflammation of the gum tissues. Left untreated it poses a significant danger to your mouth as well as other medical conditions. Periodontal disease often results from an ineffective daily oral hygiene routine that fails to clean residual food particles and... VIEW POST

Dental World Records

July 30, 2015

Dental world records
Maybe you're one of those people who think dentistry is, well, just dentistry. Or maybe you're one of the people who realize there's a lot of interesting things out there when it comes down to what dentistry is really all about. Of course, we could really geek on how oral... VIEW POST

Find the Best Dental Office for Your Smile Makeover By James Powell

July 17, 2015

find the best dental office for your smile makeover
If you have been living with ugly teeth or dental problems that keep you from smiling and being yourself, you may have paid a terrible price in self-esteem. A cosmetic dentist can help, but it’s important to choose your cosmetic dentist wisely or you could end up paying too much... VIEW POST

Bad Habits Which Create Bad Teeth

July 2, 2015

bad habits which create bad teeth
You brush your teeth, you floss them too, and you see your dentist on a regular basis. If you are taking all of these actions, then you are doing a great job at keeping your smile healthy. However, following these steps religiously doesn’t always counteract habits which harm teeth. Here... VIEW POST

How to Choose a Dental Insurance Plan by Teeth Whitening and Smile Makeover Expert Dr. James D. Powell

June 25, 2015

How to choose a dental insurance plan
Choosing the correct insurance plan for you and your family can be confusing. How do you decide which plan – if any – is best for you? Here are five tips for choosing a dental insurance plan: 1. The Plan Gives You the Freedom to Choose Your Dentist and Dental... VIEW POST

Why A Dry Mouth Is Bad For Dental Health

June 11, 2015

Why a dry mouth is bad for dental health
Your mouth may periodically become dry when you are nervous or when you breathe through it. However, a chronic dry mouth (xerostomia) is not normal and can cause several problems. Read about dry mouth here and how it can affect your dental health. Saliva Flow And Dental Health Saliva is... VIEW POST