Dental Lasers Give You the Chairside Experience You Desire While Your Treatments Are Easy, Less Invasive and Successful as Ever!

January 13, 2021

Here's a word you might never have heard before - Stomatology. It's a medical discipline involving the study of the mouth and its disorders. Stomatology is actually an evolution of the words "Dentistry" or "Odontology" and is called oral medicine in some countries. Stomatology is usually centered around nonsurgical management of oral-systemic diseases, oral mucosal lesions, and other conditions in... read more » VIEW POST

Flossing Secret – Find a Flossing Tool You Love Using and Then Floss Daily for a Bright New Year of Healthy Smiles!

January 12, 2021

According to The American Dental Association, everyone should be flossing at least once a day and brushing twice, yet people often neglect this part of their daily oral hygiene routine. If you are one of them, think about it this way; would you only brush your top teeth and ignore your bottom teeth?  Flossing is what we do to get... read more » VIEW POST

If You’re Ready To Stop Hiding Your Smile, You’ll Love This Tooth Replacement Option

December 11, 2020

stop hiding your smile
Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you when you meet. A nice smile helps you connect with others, and even releases hormones to elevate your mood. However, when your smile is not one that you feel confident about, you likely won't feel like smiling, and instead, you may unconsciously avoid it or even cover your... read more » VIEW POST

Our Thorough Dental Cleanings and Exams Protect Your Mouth and Body

November 12, 2020

Having good oral health is a catalyst for having an enjoyable life. Some people don't realize the impact that oral health can have. But it's a pretty big deal. If you're a regular around here, then you probably know by now that gum disease impacts your overall health. Gum disease is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, respiratory disease,... read more » VIEW POST

What Is the Best Thing You Can Do When You Have Food Stuck Between Your Teeth?

November 5, 2020

What to do when something gets stuck between your teeth
If you have ever had something stuck in your teeth or gums, you know how annoying or painful it can be (plus it doesn't look so great). There are specific ways you should go about removing stuck food particles so that you don't hurt your teeth and gums in the process.  Food particles can get stuck when you're enjoying that... read more » VIEW POST

Tired of Making Multiple Trips to the Dentist? Here’s How To Save Time

October 9, 2020

Constantly having to figure out a "new" normal, which really has no semblance of normal, has given 'being busy' a whole new meaning. And while people are dealing with plenty of differences in their lives, one would think with a world-wide pandemic, you'd have an excess of leisurely time. That, however, does not seem to be the case. Between figuring... read more » VIEW POST

Want To Avoid A Trip To The Emergency Room During Covid?

October 2, 2020

Staying healthy is a top priority for everyone now. And yet, many people are doing the one thing that is likely to land them a trip to the ER — putting off seeing your dentist. At Exceptional Dentistry in Palmdale, CA, Dr. Powell and our experienced team understand that people are hesitant to step outside their comfort zones right now... read more » VIEW POST

Tonsil Stones: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

September 16, 2020

Did you know that tonsils can be problematic? Particularly for breathing in early childhood, which is why many doctors recommend that the child have them removed. These two oval-shaped lymph nodes hanging out at the back of the throat work as a defense mechanism to prevent oral infections. They are supposed to disappear for adults. However, for those who carry... read more » VIEW POST

The Best Way to Recover After Having a Root Canal Treatment Done

September 10, 2020

Healthy teeth can last a lifetime. And you can keep your teeth healthy with two basic things: mindful daily oral hygiene home-care and visiting the dentist regularly to avoid needing a root canal. But sometimes, due to negligence or even occasionally genetics, a tooth gets damaged from decay. It's when that decay has gotten so deep that it can't be... read more » VIEW POST

Don’t Ignore These Classic Symptoms of TMJ If You Are Experiencing Pain or Problems

August 26, 2020

Speaking, chewing and laughing with an open mouth all happen thanks to your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Since they are a part of an intricate system, when there is an imbalance, there are a variety of symptoms that can range from mild to extreme. These joints are actually one of the most complicated joints you have in your body because of... read more » VIEW POST