Is Sleep Apnea Harming Your Love Life?

January 9, 2018

Is Sleep Apnea Harming Your Love Life
Imagine these scenarios. You’ve planned a romantic evening with your partner. Dinner at a nice restaurant or a candlelight dinner for two in the comfort of your home, perhaps. Things are going great…until you start getting tired. You’re too tired for intimacy, which can ruin a romantic evening. Or maybe... VIEW POST

Top 10 Ways Our Patients Improved Their Smiles in 2017

December 20, 2017

Alright, ladies and gents. It’s the end of the year, which means it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on all the good times—and the improved smiles—of 2017. At Exceptional Dentistry, we have had so many patients change their smiles for the better this year. Some improved the... VIEW POST

Restoring Your Smile With a Dental Implant

December 11, 2017

The unexpected has happened. You’ve always heard that permanent teeth should be…well, permanent. However, because of an injury, gum disease, or extensive decay, you lost a tooth. Losing a tooth is a big deal. A gap in your smile can make eating and speaking awkward and uncomfortable. The nearby teeth... VIEW POST

Smile to Help Your Holidays Be Merry and Bright

November 22, 2017

Smile to Help Your Holidays Be Merry and Bright
The holiday season has arrived! This time of year may bring you excitement and joy, stress, or a strange combination of these emotions. Everyone has that one relative—I’m talking to you, second cousin Tim—you know, the one that can make family gatherings awkward, uncomfortable, or even stressful at times. Have... VIEW POST

7 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Your Child

November 8, 2017

7 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth fun for Kids
The time has finally come. Your child has reached the age where he or she can begin brushing their teeth without too much help from you. But let’s face it—actually getting your child to brush their teeth can be like pulling teeth (pardon the expression). So how do you get... VIEW POST

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear About Halloween Candy

October 25, 2017

The Best Advice You'll Ever Hear About Halloween Candy
It's the beginning of the holidays, and every kid's favorite time of year—Halloween. Break out the plethora of costumes! Us parents love seeing the kiddos in their Halloween costumes, whether it be princesses or monsters. And you know what else Halloween means? Candy. Lots and lots of candy. Your child will... VIEW POST

Keeping the Smile You Love for a Lifetime

October 10, 2017

KeepYour Teeth For Life
Have you used your teeth today? You might not pay attention to how important your teeth actually are. Your teeth do so many things for you—they allow you to eat with ease, enhance your overall appearance, and they even help you speak properly. So when you think about it, it's... VIEW POST

Cerec Technology Can Benefit Your Smile

September 25, 2017

CEREC Technology Can Benefit Your Smile
“7 pm already?!” How many times have you found yourself at the end of the day baffled by where the time went? Life’s busy, and life’s daily demands can sometimes make us lose track of time and make us feel like we don’t have enough of it. Between work, errands,... VIEW POST

How to Put Your Smile in Danger

September 10, 2017

How to Put Your Smile in Danger
It’s that time again. Time for you to visit the dentist for your 6-month exam and dental cleaning. But time and money are both tight right now. You’re juggling things like work, time with family, and your child’s big game. To top it off, back-to-school and other expenses make you... VIEW POST

Why Should I Have a Deep Cleaning

August 22, 2017

Why Should I Have a Deep Cleaning
When you visited your dentist for your routine cleaning and exam, you were told that you need to have a “deep cleaning.” You may wonder: Isn’t a regular dental cleaning enough? I brush and floss my teeth and go to the dentist when I should; why do my teeth need... VIEW POST