Who Else Wants A Good Night’s Rest?

December 14, 2016

who else wants a good nights rest
Are you sick and tired of always being tired? A good night’s sleep is so important for every aspect of your health, and you might not even be aware that you’re not getting one. All you know is that drag feeling that comes once your morning cups of coffee wear... VIEW POST

A Simple Way to Boost Your Self-Esteem

November 29, 2016

a simple way to boost your self-esteem
We probably all know by now how beneficial a boost in your self-esteem can be. You gain the confidence it takes to finally land that dream job, you stop comparing yourself so much to others, you finally sign up for that Zumba class, and hey, maybe you even get excited... VIEW POST

Braces That Won’t Interfere with Your Day-To-Day

November 15, 2016

braces that wont interfere with your day to day
Life’s busy enough between work, family, and everything else the world demands of us. While it’s perfectly normal to want a beautiful, straight smile, a lot of people feel like they don’t have the time to get the smile they want. But what if we told you that getting a... VIEW POST

The Brilliant Way To Get A Beautiful Smile

November 9, 2016

The Brilliant Way to Get a Beautiful Smile
Everyone wants the best smile possible, right? A white, brilliant smile that catches eyes and turns heads when you walk into a room shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Sadly, there are quite a few people living with the assumption that the smile they want is just too far... VIEW POST

Ready To Stop Hiding Your Smile?

October 14, 2016

stop hiding your smile
Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. So when that smile is full of gaps due to missing teeth, it’s hard to feel like you want to smile. You shouldn’t ever feel that way. Your smile should be something you want to show off all... VIEW POST

How To Avoid Multiple Trips To The Dentist

October 5, 2016

How to avoid multiple trips to the dentist
Between work, running the kids around, and making sure everyone has their shoes on before school, it can be hard as a mom and a working woman to find the time for yourself – especially when it comes to seeing the dentist. We can empathize with busy days, which is... VIEW POST

Day-time Sleepiness: You Think It’s Nothing…But It Might Be a Big Deal

September 28, 2016

Day Time Sleepiness You Think Its Nothing But It Might Be A Big Deal
We get so involved in our day-to-day activities that sometimes we ignore the red flags that our body is giving us. Between getting the kids off to school and getting to work on time, you may not even realize how tired you are. You may even miss the fact that... VIEW POST

Stop Grinding Your Teeth For Good

September 10, 2016

Stop grinding your teeth for good
Have you noticed your jaw popping or clicking? Or, maybe you wake up feeling tired even though you actually got in a full eight hours of sleep. Grinding your teeth can show up in a variety of ways, such as teeth sensitivity, sore muscles, day-time sleepiness, flattened teeth or pain... VIEW POST

Sleep Well Again Without Earplugs or a Fancy Bed

August 24, 2016

Sleep well again without earplugs or a fancy bed
Waking up feeling exhausted isn’t how you’re supposed to wake up. After all, the whole point of sleeping is to get rest, right? How can you go about doing everything you need to do––carpooling for the kids’ sports, picking the kids up after school, helping out with dinner, homework, and... VIEW POST

One Simple Step to Improve your Self-Confidence

August 10, 2016

one simple step to improve your self-confidence
Do you remember the last time you felt really great about yourself? When you took a second to look in the mirror and thought, wow, I look good! If you can’t remember the last time that you felt awesome about yourself, it’s time that you do something about it. Here... VIEW POST