November 15, 2016

braces that wont interfere with your day to day

Life’s busy enough between work, family, and everything else the world demands of us. While it’s perfectly normal to want a beautiful, straight smile, a lot of people feel like they don’t have the time to get the smile they want.

But what if we told you that getting a straight smile won’t interfere with your day-to-day life in the way traditional braces do? You’d likely want to know as much as possible, right? Well, sit back while we talk about the benefits of one of the most popular services here at Exceptional Dentistry in Palmdale, California – ClearCorrect™.

It’s a huge time saver.

ClearCorrect™ is the brand of invisible teeth aligners Dr. James D. Powell uses for his patients. Instead of metal braces that require more frequent appointments to tighten wires (which always seem to get in the way of more important things, right?), you simply wear the ClearCorrect plastic aligners for the time prescribed and change into your next set at home. What’s more, the dental visits you do have are much quicker than those needed for metal braces. Once you’re done with all the sets, you’ll have that straight smile you’ve pined after and have saved plenty of your time in the process.

Much more comfortable.

Let’s face it, metal brackets that protrude from the front of your teeth don’t exactly scream ‘comfy’. You probably remember, or at least, have heard about needing to put wax on the wires just to protect your cheeks, and who wants to do that?! ClearCorrect sits nice and snug against your teeth so you never have to worry about explaining why you have a big ball of wax as part of your smile. They’re super smooth, and you’ll forget you even have them on.

They also don’t restrict you from eating the food that you want. Metal braces make it hard to bite into certain foods, but with ClearCorrect you remove the clear aligners when it’s time to eat.

No one can tell.

This is one of the things that so many people love about ClearCorrect – they’re nearly impossible to see. You won’t have to hide when smiling for pictures, and best of all, food won’t get stuck in them. That eliminates two huge embarrassing moments right there! But seriously, we know that a lot of us adults don’t want to retract back into our teenage years, and nothing seems to do this more than metal braces.

Invisible braces are the solution to maintaining “boss status” while getting the straight smile you want and deserve.

At the end of the day, we understand how it might seem difficult to get the smile you want, so that’s why we’re here to help you get that smile as efficiently and pain-free as possible. If you’re ready to have a straight, beautiful smile give us a call today at 661.349.7725 to set up a reservation. We can’t wait to help you get started!