Dental lasers are some of the most innovative dental technology available, and our team at Exceptional Dentistry is proud to utilize them in our treatments. There are several different types of dental lasers, and Dr. James Powell is pleased to use many of them. With dental lasers, our dentist can treat cavities, bone and gum disease by pinpointing and treating only the damaged areas, leaving the healthy teeth, bone and tissue untouched. It is difficult to find treatments as exact, pain-free and fast as those that are performed with dental lasers. We welcome you to learn more about laser dentistry in Palmdale, California, by calling us at (661) 349-7725 and scheduling your visit with our caring dentist.

A dental laser is a small instrument that produces a narrow yet powerful beam of laser light energy. These instruments have been used in dentistry since 1990, and technological advancements have made them an even more advantageous dental tool. Dental lasers can be used to treat a variety of issues, including those involving teeth, bone and gum tissue. Some common procedures that are performed with dental lasers include removing cavities, treating periodontal (gum) disease, reducing canker sores, removing excess tissue, performing biopsies and improving the teeth whitening process.

There are two main types of dental lasers that our dentist can use:

  • Soft tissue laser: These lasers are often used to treat periodontal issues, killing harmful bacteria while leaving healthy tissue untouched and promoting the regrowth of healthy tissue.
  • Hard tissue laser: These lasers produce a wavelength that is absorbable by bone and teeth. It can be used to treat cavities, prep and shape teeth prior to a bonding treatment, and remove damaged parts of the bone.

With either type of dental lasers, there are many benefits to laser dentistry, including:

  • Virtually pain-free treatment that eliminates the need for anesthesia or shots
  • Powerful light beams that reduce or eliminate the need to use other tools, such as drills
  • More precise treatments that target only the damaged bone, tissue or teeth and leave the healthy parts untouched
  • Faster healing time and rejuvenation of healthy tissue
  • High-powered light beams that work to sterilize the treated areas, reducing the risk of developing an infection after treatment
  • Minimal bleeding during treatments
  • Safer, more precise treatments

If you are wondering if laser dentistry is right for you, our dentist can examine your smile and evaluate your oral health to determine if laser dentistry is the right call. Should our dentist feel that you could benefit from a dental laser treatment, he will review treatment protocol with you prior to your procedure. You will also be provided with protective eyewear during your treatment.

For more information, we invite you to contact our dental team today. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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