It seems fairly normal to most people to be reminded how important it is to take care of your teeth. Whether it was your parents reminding you to brush every night, your dental hygienist trying to convince you to floss regularly or that nagging voice in the back of your head that tells you to still brush your teeth even when you feel too tired, following the standards for oral care is essential to maintaining a healthy smile.

When we start to neglect the seemingly exaggerated standards of dental hygiene, our smile begins to suffer. When this happens, come visit Exceptional Dentistry for your restorative dentistry in Palmdale, California. Dr. James Powell’s extensive experience and training enables him to provide a wide scope of restorative services. We are here to help get your oral health back on track! We welcome you to contact us at (661) 349-7725 to schedule your visit with our caring dentist and team today!

Exceptional Dentistry offers many restorative treatments to meet your needs and help you regain a healthy smile, including:

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental care focused on helping you regain the health and function of your smile, and it is related to the dental specialty of prosthodontics. Ultimately, the goal of restorative dentistry is to help you regain a smile that looks natural and feels comfortable so that you can once again feel confident in the way your teeth and smile look and function.

Restorative treatments are frequently recommended for problems involving tooth decay, cracks, fractures, chipping, infection or tooth loss. When you come in to our office, Dr. James Powell will perform a thorough examination and discuss your oral health needs and goals with you. He will then design a customized treatment plan involving one or more restorative treatments to begin the process of restoring your smile.

Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth or all your teeth, whether your teeth are decayed or broken, our skilled dentist can provide the restorative solution you need. As part of our commitment to providing you with personalized, quality care, we will also ensure that you understand all your treatment options before you make a decision about your restorative procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about restorative dentistry, please give us a call or visit our office today. We are eager to help you regain the confidence you need to smile, speak, eat and laugh effortlessly once again!

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