Your age is your secret, and with Fountain of Youth™ dentures in Palmdale, California, Exceptional Dentistry can help you keep that secret. Fountain of Youth dentures are a revolutionary type of denture that uses neuromuscular dentistry to not only give you new teeth but also maintain your facial structure and young appearance! Dr. James Powell has been using neuromuscular dentistry for over 20 years to treat patients who experience facial pain. Now, with Fountain of Youth dentures, we can offer one more service to help our patients. To more information, and to schedule your visit with our dentist, we welcome you to call us today at (661) 349-7725.

Neuromuscular dentistry is a specific branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting irregular bites. Occlusion, or misaligned bites, can cause several major problems to your oral and overall health. When the interrelationships of the jaw’s musculoskeletal system are thrown off by a bad bite, patients can experience headaches, facial pain, limited jaw opening, worn teeth and many other oral health issues. Correcting a misaligned bite allows a patient’s nerves, muscles, joints and tissue to all properly work together inside the mouth.

When patients are missing most or all of their teeth, it is important to have them replaced, and many replace their teeth with dentures. Traditional dentures, though effective at first, can cause your jawbone to deteriorate and your appearance to age. This deterioration can lead to dentures becoming loose, making it necessary for patients to get their dentures refitted or remade. Loose dentures can also make it difficult to speak, chew and laugh normally.

With Fountain of Youth dentures, patients do not experience any of the problems that traditional dentures can present. These specific dentures are made by utilizing neuromuscular dentistry to achieve the optimum muscle relaxation, position and function. Fountain of Youth dentures have a superior fit, enabling them to support your facial structure by maintaining the needed stimulation to the alveolar bone (where the teeth fit in) and preventing a “sunken” appearance. Patients are also able to eat whatever they want without worrying that their teeth are going to fall out!

We welcome you to visit our practice and receive the denture treatment you deserve. This improved dental technology can make you look and feel younger, as well as maintain your normal speaking and chewing abilities. Get your confidence back in your smile!

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