July 30, 2015

Dental world records

Maybe you’re one of those people who think dentistry is, well, just dentistry. Or maybe you’re one of the people who realize there’s a lot of interesting things out there when it comes down to what dentistry is really all about. Of course, we could really geek on how oral health is important to your overall health, or the fact that we’ve personally got some of the most amazing tech out there (can you say no-shot-cavity-fillings?! That’s right, we said no shots.)

But today we just wanted to have some fun with dental world records. Want to know the longest and largest of the dental world? Here they are!

13 Dental World Records

Most People Brushing Teeth Simultaneously In One Venue

This event was created by the Colgate-Palmolive Company to encourage the practice of regular oral hygiene. 13,380 of the citizens of San Salvador, El Salvador gathered together and brushed their teeth at the same time.

Largest Oral Hygiene Lesson

1,507 people in Romania learned about the importance of oral hygiene when university students created this event to encourage good dental health practices for children.

Largest Collection Of Toothbrushes

Grigori Fleicher of Russia owns 1,320 different toothbrushes.

Most People Brushing Teeth Simultaneously In Multiple Venues

The Colgate-Palmolive Company also created this event in conjunction with the Indian Dental Association. 177,003 people in over 380 locations across India brushed their teeth simultaneously.

Oldest Person To Have Dental Implants

Filomena Battista of the U.S. decided to reinvent her smile by having 4 dental implants placed in her mouth when she was 100 years old.

Largest Collection Of Human Teeth

Brother Giovanni Battista Orsenigo of Italy owns 2,000,744 human teeth.

Youngest Person To Wear Full Dentures

3 year old Daniel Sanchez-Ruiz of the U.K. had to wear dentures because he had hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia, a condition which prevented the growth of teeth.

Longest Tooth Extracted

This tooth belonged to the mouth of Loo Hui Jing of Singapore and measured 1.26 inches in length.

Largest Collection Of Toothpaste Tubes

Val Kolpakov of the U.S. owns 2,037 different tubes of toothpaste.

Most Teeth Removed

Due to a condition called complex odontima, Indian teenager Ashik Gavei had 232 teeth removed from a tumor in his jaw.

Oldest Person To Grow A New Tooth

Erna Kohane of the U.S. grew a new tooth in her mouth when she was 92 years old.

Longest Line Of Toothpaste Tubes

Students taking a leadership and management class at John Carroll University created a line of 2,138 toothpaste tubes in the city of University Heights, Ohio.

Most Teeth At Birth

Sean Keaney of the U.K. was born with a mouth of 12 erupted teeth.

Do you know any interesting dental world records? Leave a comment down below!