July 17, 2015

find the best dental office for your smile makeover

If you have been living with ugly teeth or dental problems that keep you from smiling and being yourself, you may have paid a terrible price in self-esteem. A cosmetic dentist can help, but it’s important to choose your cosmetic dentist wisely or you could end up paying too much for a fix that doesn’t last. Here are five things to look for in a cosmetic dentist to ensure you get the best results for your smile.

Staff and Dentist Has Advanced Training

The field of dentistry is always improving and adapting, make sure the dentist you choose is keeping up. Look for a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry or is a fellow/master from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). If they pursued advanced education at LVI, you have the peace of mind to know that they’ve been trained on complicated cases and can probably handle anything that you have going on in your mouth. The best dentists will also make sure the team around them, including the dental hygienists, also has advanced training. Hygienists should be trained in laser treatment of gum disease and understand the entire mouth system, not just about cleaning teeth.

Smile Portfolio

The more experience a cosmetic dentist has the better your chances of getting the results you want from your procedure. Experience means they are more equipped to handle any challenge that arises during the process. Ask to see their cosmetic smile portfolio of past clients so you can see the breadth and depth of their experience.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Comfort

Cosmetic dentist appointments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 4-5 hours, depending on the procedure you are having. Look for a private dental practice that offers amenities like blankets, hand-warmers, and headphones so you don’t have to just listen to the dentist or the sound of the drill. Some offer movie glasses so you can pass the time watching a movie. You should also be made comfortable with the care you are receiving. The dentist should be focused on you not running between several patients at once.


Some cosmetic dentists are limited in the results they can deliver simply because they don’t have the latest technology. Look for a dental practice with a computerized office, digital x-rays, lasers, microscopes, and CEREC (which is a single visit restoration).

Partners with You in Choosing Your Smile

Don’t assume that you and your dentist are on the same page about what kind of results you want. Ask to make sure they have a photo book you can go through to choose the look you want. The best dental office listens to their patient’s input in choosing what they want.

Your smile is too important to risk on the wrong cosmetic dentist. Follow these 5 tips to find the right cosmetic dentist for you.