If you have been diagnosed with gum disease and would like options that can help you avoid surgical procedures or tedious scaling and root planing, we may recommend that you use the Perio Protect® system. Call (661) 349-7725 today to schedule a reservation with our dentist, Dr. James Powell, in Palmdale, California, and ask us about Perio Protect!

Why Get Perio Protect?

The Perio Protect Method was devised as a way to treat gum infections without surgery and with results. It resolves infection while reducing gum disease-causing bacteria, making way for long-lasting results. Treating gum disease with the Perio Protect Method has been shown to reduce the presence of the most damaging pathogens in your gums by up to 90%. Gum disease treatment helps reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, respiratory disease, Alzheimers disease, colorectal cancer and pre-term births and low birth-weight babies.

How It Works

Studies have traced pathogens that lead to gum disease to the same pathogens known to cause other systemic inflammation and illness. Perio Protect is designed to reach the places where bacteria thrive below the gumline, in your periodontal pockets. Perio Protect involves a patented prescription antimicrobial medication that helps kill those pathogens and remove bacteria and plaque in periodontal pockets, where brushing, flossing and even mouth wash cannot reach. The antimicrobial medication also helps whiten teeth and freshen breath.
After your consultation, our dentist will provide you with custom-made Perio Trays that you can use at your convenience at home. Perio Trays are designed with a patented seal to place and hold medication at the gumline where it will be most effective, so there is no mess and no fuss. You can treat gum disease without disrupting your schedule.
Call our team today and schedule your reservation to experience fresher breath, whiter teeth and a healthier mouth and body with Perio Protect!

Are You a Candidate for Perio Protect?

1. Schedule a reservation and bring it up with our dentist.

Tell our dentist that you are interested in Perio Protect. Start the conversation!

2. Impressions of your mouth will be sent to the Perio Protect lab.

Your mouth is unique, and patented trays will be fitted to match your treatment needs specifically.

Once the molds are shipped to the Perio Protect laboratory, they will fabricate custom mouth guard-like devices designed to gently deliver medication below the gum line and keep it there to combat infection.

3. Treat your gums well.

Killing bacteria is a battle of persistence. These gentle, convenient trays carry out their duty while you kick back and stream your favorite show, take a shower or walk your dog. It is a non-invasive option before surgery or a chance to decrease the need for repetitive scaling procedures.

Schedule a reservation today and learn for yourself how Perio Protect can dramatically improve your oral health and, consequently, have a positive impact on your body’s overall health!

Perio Protect Before and After

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