Do you have crowded or crooked teeth? Do you suffer from TMJ disorder? Is your sleep disrupted because of sleep apnea? Dr. James D. Powell may recommend a DNA Appliance® in Palmdale, California. The Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA Appliance) is worn like a retainer at night, and painlessly guides teeth into their optimal positions.

The DNA Appliance harnesses your natural genes to enhance the growth of your jaw and nasal structures. It causes your jaw to grow in the correct way to straighten your teeth and correct underbites, overbites, and crossbites. This technique takes much less time than other orthodontic treatments like braces. The DNA Appliance does not only straighten teeth – the DNA Appliance can also do the following for you:

  • Lessen the symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring
  • Lessen the symptoms of TMJ
  • Correct your jaw growth without pain
  • Improve your smile without headgear or braces
  • Treat you no matter your age

The DNA Appliance is removable and discreet. It widens the upper arch of your mouth and the nasal passages. This allows more airflow, improving breathing. After the upper arch has widened, the lower arch can move into its optimal position. Because it widens the nasal passages, the DNA Appliance can permanently correct the causes of sleep apnea.

To discover if the DNA Appliance is for you and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, we welcome you to contact our dental office today!