FOY-Logo-A-Color-webDr. Powell has used neuromuscular dentistry for the past 20 years to help patients who have been suffering from headaches, facial pain, limited jaw opening, worn teeth, and many other disorders.

Neuromuscular dentistry involves instruments that correct a patient’s bite irregularities. The bite can be a problem in many types of functional problems because of the inter-relationship of the overall musculoskeletal system. Determining the correct jaw position for each individual will allow the nerves, muscles, and tissue of the mouth to work in harmony.
Economy and Traditional dentures are indeed a cheaper option but can often lead to jaw deterioration and an aged appearance. This deterioration leads to loose dentures, fit problems and of course, multiple appointments to adjust the denture. Sometimes the entire denture will need to be remade with economy and traditional dentures. Loose dentures can also make it difficult to eat, speak, and laugh. However, none of these things happen with FOY Dentures.

facelift2FOY Dentures are custom dentures that maintain and support the structure of your face. They are made by utilizing neuromuscular dentistry to achieve the optimum muscle relaxation, position, and function. FOY Dentures have a superior fit which allows you to eat whatever you want, and maintains the needed stimulation to the alveolar bone to prevent the “sunk-in” face.

Call us to schedule a consultation so you can start enjoying the benefits of improved facial appearance, better chewing and speaking capabilities, improved underlying facial support, and better fit than all the other dentures.Get the confidence back in your smile!