December 27, 2016

The secret option for missing teeth

You know what’s uncomfortable? Dental bridges and dentures. Missing teeth cause all sorts of problems, and things like bridges and dentures are never as comfortable as natural teeth (not to mention they don’t work as well either). Why no one ever seems to mention any of that is unbelievable to us.

You’re probably thinking, “Ok so they’re uncomfortable, thanks. But what are you supposed to do when you have missing teeth.. nothing?” No, no, no. Doing nothing is a terrible choice. How are you going to stop your teeth from shifting, and all of the negative consequences that come with not taking any action? It’s impossible to prevent that on your own.

What we need is a “secret” fourth option. One that is much better than the others. It’s actually something that you’ve probably heard of before, but not one that many other dentists are able to offer. However, this option will allow you to get the smile and comfort you deserve – unlike those other options that totally bite (sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

So, what is the other option?

If you’re missing teeth and you’re ready to ditch the dentures that you can’t eat with or bridges that constantly have to be adjusted, then it’s pretty likely that Dr. James D. Powell will recommend dental implants. He recommends them for multiple reasons, but the most important reason is that implants look and feel just like real teeth! In fact, Dr. James D. Powell is probably the only one who will be able to tell that your implants aren’t real.

Why implants?

Bridges are a pretty popular option for fixing missing teeth, and so are dentures. Then why would we recommend you use implants to fix your smile?

Well, it’s pretty simple. As long as you’re a qualified implant candidate, implants present the most value, comfort, and best-looking smile currently available. Our goal is to help you get the smile you deserve, and implants accomplish that goal exceptionally well.

Now, the implant process takes a bit of time, but it’s quicker than dentures. And when you look at your new smile for the first time, we can promise you’ll be happy with how you look and how they feel.

If you’re ready to experience what implants can do for you, call us toady at 661.349.7725 to set up a consultation and ask us any questions you might have.