May 22, 2018

You Need to Know This Before You Get a Chin Implant

Friends and family keep it real, don’t they?! They’ll call you out on your B.S., they tell you like it is, and that tough love can be exactly what you need sometimes.

But truth be told, sometimes that tough love moves into unwarranted territory—e.g. the verbal acknowledgment of your weak, small chin.

And maybe you were already self-conscious about your little chin. Or maybe you just know that a receding chin is an issue that should be fixed. Regardless, you decide to look into treatment.

But what do you find: you’ll need to have jaw surgery or get a chin implant.

WRONG! There’s actually a much better alternative to surgery. (Oh yea! You read that right!)

Repositioning the Jaw Without Chin Implant Surgery

If you are like most people, you don’t realize that your chin looks tiny because of your bite. Your actual chin is most likely a normal size, it’s just receded.

Your facial profile is directly connected to your bite and your jaw position. The best part is: correcting these issues is very possible without surgery! Seem too good to be true?

Well, we’re about to blow your mind! Our dentist and team at Exceptional Dentistry have advanced training in the treatments that make all of this possible. These services, when used in tandem, can have pretty miraculous results.

Physiologic Dentistry

Unlike most branches of dentistry, physiologic dentistry focuses not just on the teeth, bones and joints of the oral cavity, but on the entire nervous system.

In other words, physiologic dentistry focuses on how the jaw and teeth interact with the entire body. When preparing to reposition the jaw, Dr. James Powell can run computerized scans to see the position of your jaw muscles, joints and teeth and see how to bring them into harmony.


If needed, a fixed or removable orthotic can be made just for you and your smile. The orthotic will fit over the bottom teeth and build them up so that your bite is corrected and your jaw muscles and joints learn to position themselves in the correct place.


Braces can also be used to correct your alignment and bite. When your bite is corrected, the jaw and chin will naturally move to their correct positions.

Benefits of Treatment

Jaw repositioning is quicker and safer than jaw surgery and has great aesthetic results. You’ll be amazed at the additional benefits this treatment can bring to your life.

Corrects Weak Chin & Bad Facial Profile

Most people don’t realize how much the position of the jaw can affect the appearance of the face. Jaw repositioning can correct the facial profile without jaw surgery.

Corrects Bad Bite

As we previously mentioned, these treatments can correct a bad bite. Those with a bad bite tend to have more wrinkles in the face, and so age more quickly. A bad bite can also cause facial collapse. Luckily, these issues can be effectively corrected with jaw repositioning.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Overbites and a lack of tongue space can result in trouble sleeping soundly, especially with older patients. Many people believe that trouble sleeping is a natural part of the aging process. Luckily, we have the ability to reverse this part of the aging process and improve facial support.

Lessens or Eliminates Headaches, Jaw Pain & Neck Pain

If the lower teeth and the upper teeth don’t fit together comfortably, jaw pain, neck pain and headaches can be the result. Many of our patients that have frequent headaches don’t realize that they are caused by jaw alignment. It follows that repositioning the jaw can correct these issues.

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